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Preparing for Rate Increases When you Have a Mortgage in Waukee

Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and the slightest budget change can be disastrous. If your home mortgage rate rises, it can leave you struggling to keep up. However, you can be ready for those changes if you follow the tips below.

Get Ready for Changing Rates

If you have an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage), buydown or graduate mortgage, your rate will definitely increase at some point. ARMs come with a low teaser rate, which increases significantly once the initial period is over. If you have an introductory rate, learn when it expires and plan ahead. The same principle applies to buydowns and graduate mortgages.

Boost Your Savings

Savings accounts serve multiple purposes, including helping you survive a mortgage rate hike. If you have enough in savings to cover the shortfall, you can bide your time until a permanent solution comes along. If you can’t afford to pay your other expenses and your higher Mortgage In Waukee, you can use your savings to pay your bills.

Refinancing is an Option if Your Rate Increases

Refinancing is a difficult proposition for many homeowners, but you can use a refi to cut your interest rate before the next increase. If you know ahead of time when your ARM is going to increase, you can shop for a fixed rate loan as a replacement. It can be hard to find a mortgage these days (especially if your debt-to-income ratio is high), and you shouldn’t count on a refi to end your mortgage worries. However, if you can get refinanced, you may be able to avoid rate increases.

Think About Selling

Most of us don’t want to sell our homes, and you should only consider a sale as a last resort. Many homeowners are discovering that they can’t handle the increase when they have an ARM; if you planned carefully but still find yourself in over your head, selling may be the only way you can avoid the burden placed by a rising Mortgage Waukee rate.

Today’s housing market is tough, and the economy is still recovering. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can budget for a Mortgage Waukee rate increase and avoid foreclosure.

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