Precision Pulley And Idler: Pulley Types And Applications

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Industrial Supplier

If you are looking for a conveyor pulley, Precision Pulley and Idler (PPI) has the answer. In Louisiana, this company provides their customers with many a solution to their pulley problems. In fact, their line of pulleys is capable of driving everything from the smallest engine to the largest turbine. This allows their customers to have a choice when it comes to selecting the right pulley for their operation.

Types of Pulleys

PPI offers customers three basic types of pulleys. Each category has its benefits providing it is employed correctly. Not all pulleys are capable of addressing the same loads or are suitable for equal applications. The three basic types of pulleys are:

  1. Drum Pulley: This Precision pulley is versatile. Depending upon the type, it can haul both large and small loads. The standard is the heavy-duty drum pulley (HDD). The engineered class type is designed to handle the higher capacity loads for larger conveyors
  2. Single Disc Pulley: This durable pulley is capable of reducing the overall stress while decreasing the impact of deflection.
  3. Wing Pulley: Wing pulleys offer companies an alternative. They can often perform better in applications where drum pulleys fail. Like drum pulleys, they come in different types including:
    a. Heavy Duty Wing
    b. Mine Wing Duty
    c. Spiral Wing
    d. Herringbone Wing Conveyor Pulley

Each type specifically addresses the demands of each work environment.

It is no wonder that Precision and Idler pulleys are popular from Louisiana to California.

Precision Pulley and Idler

For more than 20 years, Precision and Idler have been producing high-quality products for large and small conveyor systems. Their focus has always been on ensuring their customers are able to find the right Precision pulley for the job. With pulleys designed to handle the various load capacities of today’s conveyor systems, is it any wonder that companies in Louisiana and across the United States turn to PPI help satisfy their needs.

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