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Popular Carpet Color Choices – Which One Is Right For You

Carpeting In Topeka, Ks is like carpet anywhere else in the world – there are a zillion, or so it seems, styles and colors of carpet. However, you are working on re-carpeting only one room, so you really need to narrow the zillion down to just one color and one style. The question that often plagues our minds when it comes to something like this is just how we choose. The answer is not simple, but you may find some solace in knowing what the three popular carpet color choices are.

Dark Colors
When it comes to choosing carpet in Topeka, KS, you may want to consider a dark color for a few specific reasons. One, in particular, is children. If you have young children, they are prone to spilling drinks, or coloring on the floor, most of which can be removed by stain remover. However, in the event the stain cannot be removed, at least the carpet would be dark enough to hide the stain. With that said, dark colors almost always only work in a large open space with lots of natural light. Using a dark colored carpet in a small, enclosed space can make the room feel even smaller and somewhat depressing.

Earth Tones
Another great group of colors to consider are the earth tones. In fact, these colors – greens, grays, tans, browns, creams – look great in just about any space. Again, if you have children, pick a darker earth tone to help hide stains, but really almost any earth tone looks great in any room. Choosing an earth tone for your carpet in Topeka, KS is an excellent idea. These colors cal also help create a feeling of calmness, giving you the opportunity to relax in your space.

Bold/Bright Colors
One way you can make a statement with your carpet in Topeka, KS is by choosing a bright, bold color. A color such as dark red can really help accent the walls, the furniture and the overall feeling of the room. These types of carpets are not only great for hiding stains, but they are also great at brightening up rooms that lack a lot of natural light. Further, bright, bold colors are a great compliment to more neutral walls and ceilings, as this really allows the carpet to serve as a ‘pop’ of color to the space.

When it all comes down to it, choosing the color of carpet you want is just a matter of opinion. You need to choose a color that makes you feel good and that you are going to be happy with. Choose a color that makes your room feel larger, if it is on the smaller side, and a color that helps your room feel cozier, if it is a larger room. When all else fails, ask a carpet company about what they think is the best choice for carpet color for your space.

If you are still undecided about which color of carpeting is perfect for you, check out the showroom at Capital City Flooring. They are a company that specializes in carpet Topeka, KS. They are willing to help you make the decision about your carpet when you call them at 785-232-000.

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