Points to Ponder for Car Insurance in New Haven CT

When you shop for car insurance in New Haven CT, price is a major factor. In fact, according to a report conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, 76 percent of the people who participated indicated that price played a major role in their decision. Plus, if you live in New Haven, you already know that auto coverage is really high. With that said, there are effective ways to reduce those high insurance premiums.

Car Insurance in New Haven, CT can be reduced drastically. However, understand that the state set the auto insurance liability limits as it is in most states. The state of Connecticut auto insurance liability must be adhered to or you will be faced with legal problems by the state. Plus, the affected party in an accident may sue you for damages to their property and for personal injury.

There are two basic auto insurance coveraged, liability and property damage. Auto insurance policies provide coverage for bodily injury, property damage and uninsured motorist. Property damage liability coverage covers damage that you cause to other people vehicles. It not only includes coverage of the vehicle but any other damage that occurs as a result of your negligence such as damage to walls, fences and equipment. Uninsured coverage protects you in the event that someone who has no auto insurance damages your property or causes you personal injury.

Property damage can be comprehensive or collision or it can include both coverage types. Collision provides payment for any physical damage to your vehicle, and physical damage could include being hit by another vehicle or even a tree. This coverage type is not a mandatory coverage. However, if you have a lien on the vehicle, your lender will require this coverage to protect their interest. A comprehensive policy offers coverage for things like theft, weather conditions, vandalism and floods.

In terms of saving money on your car insurance, consider adding safety devices such as an alarm system if your vehicle did not come with one. If you are a student, inquire about their student discount or multi policy discount.

These are just a few considerations when you shop for Car Insurance in New Haven, Ct to ponder.

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