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Plan a Beautiful Beach Wedding in Orange County That You’ll Always Remember

Planning your wedding is often a fun adventure as it’s a time to celebrate with the ones you love before you begin your life with someone special. Although a church wedding is often a popular option, another venue to consider is the coastline. When you begin planning a beach wedding in Orange County, there are a few details to consider that can make the event special for the environment.


Instead of wearing a ball gown dress or one that has a lot of detail, consider a dress that has a simple design. When you’re walking on the sand, you don’t want to drag a long dress and get it dirty. Although suits are an option for the men in your wedding, khaki pants and dress shirts are options to consider as well.

Time of Day

If you want to take in the beauty of the beach, then your wedding should be held during the day. This will allow you to see the waves of the ocean and the details of the sand. If you plan on getting married in the summer, then you might want to wait until dusk for the ceremony as this is often a time that is beautiful for the sun to shine on the water and when it’s not as hot outdoors.


Since there will likely be a variety of sounds in the background during a beach wedding in Orange County, consider investing in a sound system so that your guests can hear what is taking place during the ceremony. A microphone can also be used when you’re exchanging your vows or if there will be any special music.

If you’re planning a beach wedding, then contact Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina at 949.999.3100 for more details about what to expect and how to plan ahead. Also follow on Instagram.

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