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Pet Vaccinations Are Important! Make Sure Your Pet is Up to Date

From the time you become a pet owner, you have a responsibility to give you animal the best health care possible. Unlike human beings, animals can’t tell you when they’re ill or in pain – you have to look for the symptoms and act accordingly. One sure way to keep your animal healthy is by partnering with a good vet in your area who will put your animal on a wellness program. Once your pet is on a program of this nature, you should ensure that check-ups are regular and that you listen to the advice given to you by professional staff. This would include what vaccinations should be given, and when. Just like with humans, animals can be vaccinated to prevent them from contracting an infectious disease.

Pet vaccinations – for what illnesses and when

Pet vaccinations work in the same way that they do with people. A vaccination assists a human or an animal to produce antibodies that will help in staving off an infection. It is particularly important if you have a pet that comes into contact with other animals on a regular basis. This could happen if you leave your animal in care while you’re away, or if it goes to a grooming parlor, or even if it just goes to the park. Obviously, this usually applies more to cats and dogs, which tend to be more sociable, but even rabbits can contract diseases and will need to be vaccinated. If you live in Chicago, you should in any case establish a relationship with a good vet in your area, and can find out more details about pet vaccinations from this practice.

Canine influenza is prevalent in Chicago at the moment, and thus you should definitely consider getting your dog vaccinated against it. The disease is highly contagious and is dangerous in that it can easily progress to pneumonia, which usually means that your dog would need to be hospitalized by your vet. Another serious condition doing the rounds is Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease, which is extremely stressful to an animal and yet which can be avoided through a timely vaccination.

Carrying out pet vaccinations in Chicago

Again, your vet will advise you when vaccinations should occur, and this should start fairly soon with puppies and kittens. Young animals are more vulnerable than adults as their immune system is still developing. While animals are still feeding from their mothers they receive some protection through the mother’s antibodies. However, the moment they’re weaned, you should discuss having them vaccinated. You should also bear in mind that the vaccines’ effectiveness diminishes over time, and this is when your pet will require a booster to keep it fully protected.

Pet vaccinations in Chicago are essential to protect them against disease. Get in touch today with Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic for advice as to when to vaccinate your pets.

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