No Contract Prepaid SIM Card Hawaii

If you are planning to visit Hawaii sometime in the near future; then I’d suggest you to spare 5 minutes to go through this article so that you may save 70% of your communication expenses. Think of the times when there were no cell phones and you had to book international calls at least 3 days in advance. Then came the magical mobile phones that made international calls unimaginably quick and convenient, but also exceptionally expensive, with roaming charges on even incoming calls.

You don’t have to worry about all that now. The moment you step out of the plane at the Hawaii airport, you will find yourself surrounded by numerous mobile company agents. You just need to get a prepaid SIM card for yourself. As the name suggests, you are not bound by any contract or monthly billing system. Buy the card, load it in your GSM phone and hear your loved ones voice.

There is one more thing to be taken care of; that is your mobile phone. Make sure your mobile phone is SIM unlocked. It should work with any no contract prepaid SIM card. Hawaii airports are bursting with sales agents of different service providers. Don’t let yourself be fooled by any of them. You may end up buying a prepaid card with a SIM locked GSM phone. This won’t allow you to use that phone with any other SIM.

relayNow that you have the card and the phone, what about the activation? Already tired of the long journey, and now you have to make the call, listen to all the options and follow the computerized procedure for activation. Don’t worry about that, what are sales agent for? Save yourself from all these hassles. Get services of a company that gives you a ready to use phone.

The most important homework for you before you board the plane is to know the international call rates of Hawaii and which company provides the most economical and reliable services. A little research on your part will save you from getting ripped off by mobile service providers. Don’t keep your kids waiting for your call. Step off the plane and let them know of your safe journey.

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