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New and Exciting Features for Your Spa

As the American economy continues to slowly rebound from the devastating effects of the recession, more and more hardworking citizens are loosening up the death grip on their wallets and looking for ways to treat themselves. After so many years of rising costs and stagnant wages, many people are finally back on more stable financial ground and have disposable income to use on luxuries like spa visits. The trouble is that many of them are just not that impressed with what they see and figure they can get what they want from their gym membership, which typically includes a pool and hot tubs. This is why it’s essential for you as a spa owner to talk with your Aquatic Consulting Manhattan specialist about the water features at your spa and the changes that are necessary to spur on new growth.

While swimming pools are widely expected at high quality luxury spas, a significant number of visitors never even use them, preferring to choose more upscale services that promote relaxation and pampering, so if you’re considering putting in a pool, you may be better off waiting on it and investing in other water features first. Amenity Design Consulting specialists recommend adding multiple single-person water features rather than one large amenity like a pool since it’s unlikely that more than one guest at a time will use the swimming pool. On the other hand, multiple water amenities that can accommodate multiple guests will deliver a better return on your investment and help boost your spa’s overall revenue as well as word of mouth. Features like Jacuzzi tubs create the feeling of luxury and relaxation that is the primary reason for most spa visits, so focusing on amplifying that feeling can have much better results than other approaches. Having adequate amenities to accommodate all guests is also important; no one wants to have to wait to use the mud bath and shower. Visit us online!

Keeping your spa at the top of the game is the key to staying profitable and keeping your doors open, and the right amenities can help you do that. Talk to your Aquatic Consulting Manhattan expert about the features and tools that are right for your business and start moving forward today.

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