Motorcycle Accident Injury? Contact an Accident Attorney in Jefferson County, MO

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting experience. It can make anyone feel alive, even on a daily commute to work. However, it is not without it’s dangers. People on motorcycles are not surrounded by a car’s shell and protective air bags. When they are sideswiped by a car passing them, it’s a very serious situation that can lead to severe injuries. Any motorcyclist that was injured by a motorist that was reckless should contact an Accident Attorney Jefferson County MO.

Motorcycles that are obeying all speed and traffic laws, travel with traffic in the lane. Because a motorcycle is so small, some drivers can’t resist crowding the bike and passing it. This is when a motorcycle is apt to be struck. Motorcyclists can easily sustain life-threatening injuries that can put them in the hospital and rehabilitation center for many months. During this period they will lose all of their work income. They may even find out that they may never be able to return to work.

If any of these situations apply, then they are entitled to compensation from the driver who acted negligently and caused the accident. However, it’s the driver’s insurance company that will have to pay the settlement. This company may attempt to find ways not to pay out a claim to cover these expenses. An Accident Attorney in Jefferson County MO can help the injured motorcyclist present their case. They can review the police reports, talk to the paramedics who arrived on the scene, and any witnesses who saw the accident take place.

The Lowry Law Firm can often settle claims like this out of court. They can tell their client whether a settlement offer is reasonable given the injuries and the evidence. If it isn’t then they’ll recommend going to court and letting a jury decide. An injured person may feel that they can’t afford this option. Lawyers take these kinds of cases on a contingency basis. They only get paid, if they win a financial settlement for their client. It’s a percentage, so the client will never face any out-of-pocket legal expenses. This guarantees lack of money won’t keep a person from fight for their compensation.

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