Missing a Tooth? Dental Implants in Green Lake, WI Can Help

It’s never a pleasant experience to lose a tooth. Sometimes a dentist has to extract a tooth because of disease. Other times a tooth is knocked out during an accident or sporting event. In recent years Dental Implants Green Lake WI procedures have made it a lot easier to deal with tooth loss. A dental implant is a titanium screw that is implanted into the jaw bone. As soon as it is healed a porcelain crown is placed on top of it. It is extremely realistic and most people will think that it’s the original tooth. The patient can eat normally and the implant is cleaned just like a regular tooth.

It usually works best if the Dental Implants Green Lake WI procedure occurs soon after the tooth has been extracted or knocked out. That because the jaw bone can become smaller if it doesn’t have teeth to hold. If the patient waits too long it might be necessary for a surgeon to do a bone graft first. The bone is taken from the patient’s own body and then used to augment the jaw. After the jaw has completely healed the implant procedure can be completed. Sometimes there is enough jaw, that a mini implant can be used. These are narrower than a full-size implant. They work well when a smaller front tooth needs to be replaced.

A Dental Implants Green Lake WI procedure can also be done to anchor dentures in place. Mini implants or posts are placed into the patient’s jaw. They dentures have a ball on the top. The dentures have a socket built into them. The denture wearer is able to snap the denture socket on and off the ball. Many denture wearers feel more secure with this system. The implants also help to keep the jaw bone strong.

Some patients, especial older patients are not able to tolerate the implant procedure. Dentists will often use a traditional bridge to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. Instead of being secured into the jaw. The porcelain crown is secured to crowns on either side. These fit securely on to healthy teeth. Unfortunately the healthy teeth do have to be shaped into smaller posts to hold the crown in place.

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