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Making the Choice for an Extended Care Facility

Treatment and recovery for the drug or alcohol addict occurs in phases, at different levels and with varied resources. When the time comes to make a choice for the extended care facility for ongoing treatment on a secondary level, the recovering drug or alcohol addict will more than likely be able to join in the decision-making process.

Extended Care Facility Offerings

One of the first things the group of decision-makers will want to consider is the programs and capabilities the facility has. To determine if their offerings of programs, monitoring capabilities and evaluation system are adequate, the success of the primary rehab program will need to be evaluated. The primary rehab program directors and facilitators will be able to give advice as to which of the methods, activities and techniques were the most helpful. If a particular program is continuing to be a positive reinforcement to the recovery process, it is important to find an extended care facility that will be a continuation of those programs.

If the primary program was holistic in nature and it was positive and successful, that is the direction that will be most successful going forward. That does not mean that if a facility has a new program or additional methodology to add to the recovery process, you walk away from it. It can be positive to add to what has already been successful.

Extended Care Facility Success Rate

Questions for the facility directors will be the success rate they have had in the past. Medical professionals who have worked in the facilities may be able to give some enlightment to the successes also. The primary treatment center can have some useful information because they have, no doubt, worked with various extended treatment facilities in the transition process.

Extended Care Facility Location

The location of the facility may seem like the lowest importance on the totem pole, but perhaps it has more importance than it seems. At this stage in the treatment program, the recovering addict should be given input into the choice. His or her desires and likes or dislikes will make a difference in the continuing success of his or her recovery.

If the individual likes forested and hilly terrain, a facility that is in this setting will only be positive. If the individual has a love for the ocean, lakes or rivers, the facilities situated in this setting will augment the continuing recovery.

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