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Maintenance Recommended by Air Conditioning Contractors in Bradenton, FL

There are a couple things to look for so you know if you have a problem with your air conditioner unit and you’ll need to call in air conditioning contractors bradenton fl to have a look at it. For example, the air conditioner might make some unusual noises. It could cycle on and off more often than normal. Signs the unit is working too hard could be if the breaker trips, or you blow a fuse. You might notice a bad odor coming from the vents, or feel less air flow through the vents than normal, or see ice on the evaporator coil.

Homeowners who want to make get the most value out of their air conditioner and help keep their utility bills down can start by setting their thermostat carefully. A good rule of thumb is to set the thermostat at 70 degrees in the winter and at 76 degrees in the summer. If you set it lower in the summer, your air conditioner will work harder and you could pay as much as 8 percent more for each additional degree lower that you set it to.You can also make sure you’ve sealed off any potential air leaks in the house, like around windows and doors, and improving your insulation factor, all of which keep that air conditioned air inside. Make sure the condenser outside has no obstructions from foliage. Everything should be cut back 18 inches awsay from the condenser.

There are a few maintenance items that homeowners can take care of themselves without having to call for service. Change your air conditioner filter twice a year, and more often if you have pets. Also, keep the coils, both inside and outside, clean. You can use a non-acidic cleaner mixed with water to clean the exterior coil and use a cleaner made especially for evaporator coils on the interior unit. If you aren’t sure how to clean the coils, you can have that done as part of your yearly maintenance and ask the air conditioner repair service to take care of it.

air conditioning contractors bradenton fl should do yearly maintenance on your unit, including replacing the filter and cleaning the coils if you like. They can also flush the condensate drain, make sure all electrical connections are in place, check the voltage and amperage, check the thermostat, and check the operating pressure


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