Looking for a Drunk Driver Victim Attorney in Iowa

During the most recent reporting year, ninety-eight hundred people were killed in accidents involving drunk drivers. Victims of drunk driving accidents have rights. Those rights are protected by Drunk Driver Victim Attorney Iowa. Drunk Drivers are held responsible for their actions criminally and civilly. Victims are entitled to monetary compensation for things like medical bills, loss of income, property damage and pain and suffering. Victims may be entitled to punitive damages from drunk drivers. Family members of drunk driving victims are also entitled to damages if a loved one is killed in an accident. When a DUI case goes to criminal court, the Judge may order the accused to pay restitution. Restitution includes economic damages the victim suffered in the accident. The Attorney will make a personal injury claim against the driver’s insurance for civil damages. If the claim can’t be settled, a lawsuit will be filed. Victims’ families are also entitled to be compensated for loss of consortium. This means you can’t enjoy your loved one like you did before the accident.

Drunk Driver Victim Attorney Iowa will look for other sources of damages, as well. The driver may not be the only one responsible. Many states have dram shop laws. These laws state the supplier of the alcohol, like a host or a bar, can also be held liable. An employer could be held responsible, if there’s a work function and an employee leaves and drives intoxicated. DUI victims are also entitled to compensation from programs that help crime victims. Costs that may be compensated include funeral expenses, lost wages, counseling services, child care, crime scene cleanup and medical expenses. Visit the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Board’s webite. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is another source of information for drunk driving victims. Largely due to MADD, Congress created the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) and the Crime Victims Fund in 1984. The fund provides money to organizations like MADD for victim assistance and compensation programs that support victims. A drunk driver can destroy a family. Your family is entitled to be made “whole” if a loved one is a victim. Seek the advice of a Drunk Driver Victim Attorney.

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