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If you are injured on the job, you may feel reluctant to move forward with finding an attorney to help you file for worker’s compensation. It is astounding the number of on-the-job accidents that do not result in worker’s compensation because a person is scared of filing. Instead of feeling you are betraying your company or immediate supervisor, understand it’s your right to be compensated if you are no longer able to work. Whether it’s a short amount of time that you’ll be away from work or an extended period, if there was any negligence involved, your employer must pay. Finding a Workers Compensation Attorney Rochester NY puts the power in your hands.
Just because it’s been awhile since you were injured doesn’t mean that finding a workers compensation attorney Rochester NY is out of the question. In fact, as long as you have all of the paperwork and medical documents chronicling the injury, you are still eligible to file for worker’s compensation. Your worker’s compensation attorney will be able to give you the specifics of your state’s laws when it comes to filing for worker’s comp.

1. Statute of limitations.
2. Accidents.
3. Hearing loss.

It is important to move quickly when filing for worker’s comp. The faster you begin this process, the more apparent it is to the judge that you were not able to work following your injury and realized it. Speak with an attorney that handles workman’s compensation cases right away and explain your case. He or she will be able to send you down the right path for how to proceed filing for money you’re rightfully owed.

A Workers Compensation Attorney can help with accidents of any type. Whether you work in scaffolding or other labor job that puts your body at risk on a daily basis, a worker’s compensation attorney is able to move forward with a lawsuit against your company and get you the money you deserve. There are many things that can go wrong on the job and who’s at fault is always up for debate. Hearing loss is another issue many workers deal with after working in plants or factories for decades. If the hearing loss can be linked to your job by a medical professional, you will get the money awarded to take care of medical bills related to the injury as well as compensation because you are no longer able to hear.

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