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Keeping an Efficient Hot Water Heater

Hot water is vital all year around in our homes. We rely heavily on it for washing our dishes, doing our laundry and for bathing and showering. Without it we simply have trouble functioning. We don’t always know what to look for to know whether our hot water heater is working correctly, but one of the signs is that the water is not being heated properly. There are other signs to check for if you are not sure if there is something wrong with it.

What else can tell me if my water heater is efficient?

Initially, some signs could be corrosion around the pipes, or metallic fixtures on your hot water heater in RI. Corrosion is caused by water leaking out and oxidizing the steel and metal. This is a sure sign that something is not right. Also, if you notice any moisture around the water heating unit, it could be the sign of a leak or potential flood threat. Rusty water is also another indication that your water heater needs replacing.

Check the temperature of the water that comes from your heater when you shower or bath or wash dishes. If you have to constantly tinker with the adjustments to get the water to the best temperature it might be a problem with the thermostat on your heater.

The best way to tell if your hot water heater in RI is running efficiently is to make sure you have it professionally serviced at least one time throughout the year, although twice is better. If once a year is the only way you can service your water heater make sure you do it before winter because that is when the pipes are more likely to freeze or crack if they are not properly insulated.

Paying a professional to service your water heater can pay you dividends in the long run. They will not charge a call out fee to check your heater and they can report any problems to you if they find any. Badly insulated pipes are a common cause of water freezing, so make sure your pipes have the right kind of insulation. Keep the water heater on if you go away for a few days, so that the cold water in the pipes don’t cause cracks and leaks.

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