Is buying a used copier a good idea?

Buying a used photo copier can be a great idea, times are tough and every penny counts. Used copiers in Miami are often sold at no more than 20% of the new machine price and they can still do almost everything that a factory fresh machine can do.

The key to purchasing a good used copier is the copy count; this is akin to the mileage on a used car. The fewer copies that it has made to date, the better just like a car, and the lower the mileage the better the future is. Actually it is easier to get a fix on the future expectations of used copiers in Miami because the manufacturers specify an anticipated copy quantity when the machine is new. With this information and the actually copy count it is reasonably simple math to extrapolate the expected remaining life.

As well as buying a used machine “as is, where is” you may also consider a refurbished machine. A refurbished copier is usually a machine which has been used as a demo unit, a machine which has been repossessed, a machine which is off lease or a machine which was out on short term rental. They usually have low copy counts and many have only been “out of the box” for 3 or 4 months. When the machine is put on the floor for sale it has been checked by reputable technicians and any parts which appear to be damaged or worn will have been replaced.

How will I know if the company selling me the printer is trustworthy?

Office supplies, computer sales, copy machine sales is a hard business and the competition can be fierce. If you are dealing with a company that has a good five years under its belt you can be pretty sure the company is solid. The brands the promote are also a good indicator of the trustworthiness, brands such as Canon, Xerox, Konica are all the best brands, if the company has been selected by these companies to promote, sell and service their products, you know they are good. You can reinforce your feeling with a quick call to the Better Business Bureau, if they are as good as you think they are, they will have a sterling record at the BBB. If it is a refurbished copier that you are buying, the vendor should provide you with full parts and labor warranty as well as the log book that has travelled with the copier from the day it was first put in service.

Used copiers in Miami are usually not out of date, sure there will be new model with new features but the industry and the products is so technically astute that even a used copier will have more than enough features to satisfy most businesses.

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