Install an Aluminum Fence in Queens County, NY to Define the Property Border

Property owners who want to define and protect their property should consider installing an aluminum fence Queens County NY along their perimeter. However, it functions much the same as a wrought iron fence and won’t provide any privacy. Homeowner who require that should investigate a solid fence made out of wood or vinyl. The aluminum fence comes in many different designs and heights.

A six-foot fence is the minimum height to deter people from climbing over it and animals from jumping it. If security is a major issue, then the design should be carefully chosen so that none of the pieces give people a footing to climb over it. Sharp finials can be placed close together on the top of the fence to make it hard to climb over. Garden owners may locate a fence to protect their flowers from dogs out to do their business. Fence designers should be sure that the fence is low enough on the bottom, to keep the smallest dogs from climbing underneath it.

A lower Aluminum fence can be used to define the property and keep out most animals. Generally these are about three feet tall and allow passersby a good view into the property. These are very strong and not easily broken to gain access to the property. Parents can allow their children to play in the yard and not fear them wandering off, as long as they secure the gate. It won’t deter a kidnapper however. Some families are caring for parents with dementia. These fences will also keep them safely inside, but allow them to enjoy their gardening and the passersby on the street.

An Aluminum fence installation in Queens County NY is very low maintenance. Homeowners can install it and not worry about having to paint it every two years. They can either request a design that is organic and floral or bold and geometric. Most fence companies can also commission custom gates that can include the family’s initials. It is a beautiful addition to any landscape. It adds security without making the yard or parking lot look like a prison.

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