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Inkjet Packaging Printers Manage to Stay Competitive With Laser Models

Laser printers have long been the gold standard for companies that want to have professionally-finished labels. This is especially true for those who use custom font arrangements that are designed to offer something better than a standard dot matrix or impact printer layout ever could. Now, however, things have changed and more than a few industrial managements are electing to use inkjet printing for packaging.

Shops that need to print standard codes on each label are among those most likely to invest in inkjet printing for packaging, since these can come with self-diagnosing programming baked into their firmware. This ensures that every code is correct. Since these can work with so-called true-typed fonts, they don’t even have to suffer from the poor looks associated with typical raster bitmaps.

Screen fonts are designed exclusively for viewing material on a glass teletype, but companies that invest in inkjet printing for packaging can actually utilize vector typefaces that rely on hinting when displayed on screen. This gives operators a good idea of what their finished label is going to look like. Once they do order the printer to begin adding a code to each individual decal, they’ll come away with something extremely legible.

Engineers who regularly find that they’re working with small-sized type on a regular basis will certainly appreciate this fact. That’s especially true for those who work in shops that have to deal with multiple machine parts that all have part or reorder numbers that run extremely close to one another.

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