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Injury Rehabilitation and You

Have you been involved in an accident or personal injury that has left you incapacitated? Instead of wasting precious time, you should consider injury rehabilitation as a way to get you back to your old self and back to work in no time. Personal injury is covered by insurance and workers compensation benefits. SCI (Spinal cord injury) and TBI (traumatic brain injury) require substantial therapeutic care and rehabilitation after the injury and any surgery. Brain injury treatment needs a whole team of professionals to fully rehabilitate a victim.

When your mobility and functioning is compromised resulting from an injury at work or in an accident you may be need a functional capacity evaluation to determine the degree of your functional limitations. Rehabilitation professionals should be able to conduct the test for work capacity evaluation or disability assessment. The test should discover the extent of your ability to function when: sitting, standing, walking, reaching, lifting and bending. This evaluation should help in accurately determining:

  • When you return to work
  • Your functional work day tolerances
  • Cataloguing of employment you can safely perform
  • Degree of strenuousness you can endure
  • Any job modifications you might require

Spinal injuries occur when a blow fractures or dislocates your vertebra causing damage when pieces of bone tear into the cord or press down on the nerves. The pain associated is intense. In severe instances when the cord is so damaged that the relay of messages along the spine is interrupted, paralysis may occur below the level of injury. The injury should be treated immediately to reduce long-term effects. Later treatment would include medication and rehab therapy. If you are struggling after an injury, get rehabilitation services from professionals to enable you to restore quality of life. Physicians and therapists will evaluate your condition to provide you with the latest and best methods to bring you back to functioning as close as you can to your normal capabilities. Comprehensive rehab will help prepare your family and coworkers to adjust to your new limitations (if any) and also provide the support for making your return to home life and work as smooth as possible. The customized treatment plan for a typical spinal cord injury patient may involve the following:

  • Addressing physical limitations
  • Wheelchair management
  • New life scheduling for self-care and home-management
  • Adaptations at home and the work place
  • Mobility in the community
  • Pre-driving skills
  • Family counseling and support

After your surgery or treatment consult doctors and therapists for injury rehabilitation. Philadelphia residents should evaluate their injuries before returning to work from qualified professionals at rehab clinics.

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