How to sew a straight line – A beginners guide

This does not sound too difficult but in actual fact is a lot harder than one would imagine. For a beginner especially, the art of sewing a straight line can be problematic to say the least. There are a few important aspects to consider when attempting to use a sewing machine to sew a straight line. By following some simple steps your lines will become straighter and your technique will improve immeasurably.

Practice makes perfect

It is advisable that, prior to attempting to sew a straight line using expensive fabric, we practice using a considerably more cheaper material such as graph paper or similar. Graph paper incorporates straight lines into the design and therefore gives you a marker to work with and to aim for. These lines will guide you and you will be able to see exactly where and when you are making errors and deviating from the lines. Graph paper is not expensive so don’t worry if it takes you numerous attempts to master the art of creating a straight line using your sewing machine. It will take time of course, but by practising the art over and over again you will eventually see marked improvements and your sewing technique will become better and better. Once you are satisfied that you have the skills needed to sew a straight line on the graph paper you can move onto sewing on fabric. There is a subtle difference between sewing on fabric and paper and by taking this next step you will enhance your skills further. A good tip when attempting to sew a straight line on fabric for the very first time is to use striped fabric. In the same way as the lines on the graph paper helped to guide you so too will the lines on the fabric.

Utilise the components of your machine

Almost all sewing machines have components in place to help you when you are sewing. This is also the case when attempting to sew a straight line. Sewing Machines In Portland OR have two main components to help you achieve those perfectly straight lines. The presser foot of a sewing machine can be used as a guide to ensure that you are sewing in the intended direction and angle. Simply make sure that the presser foot is running along the side of the material. By ensuring this is the case you can create a straight stitch.

Another useful aspect of a good sewing machine concerns the efficient use of the needle plate guide. This involves laying out your material along one of the guide lines and keeping the needle stitching along that chosen line. If your machine does not have any of these components there are many companies selling sewing machines in Portland, OR. A well designed machine will certainly help with regards to sewing ability. Many companies and stores offer assistance and associated equipment with regards to Sewing Machines In Portland OR. Utilize their expertise.


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