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How to Service Your Air Conditioner in Smyrna TN

If you have ever been at home during the hottest part of summer when your Air Conditioner Smyrna TN went out, you know that this can make everyone in the household miserable. Having the proper indoor air quality is necessary to have a comfortable and pleasant personal environment. For people with medical needs, it’s essential to be in a room where the temperature is not too hot or too cold. Also, individuals with medical problems such as asthma don’t react favorably to a room that has a high water vapor content. Being able to control the humidity level will help to keep the air from feeling heavy. By providing proper insulation, an Air Conditioner Smyrna TN can help to keep out unwanted contaminants such as allergens, molds, mildews, and potentially dangerous pathogens that can spread disease.

There are some smart steps you can take to maintain your air conditioning system. Since central air conditioners have two main parts, a condenser and an evaporator, it’s important to maintain them by cleaning them at least once a year. This won’t take long and will help keep down your energy costs by not having to run your ac system as much. Besides general cleaning of these two ac system parts, Giffords HVAC Solutions Smyrna should be called to perform any ininspection and adjustment services.

The condenser is usually located on the outside of the house on a concrete slab. After cutting down any grass that is growing around the condenser unit, use a commercial coil cleaner to clean the condenser. You can use a fin brush to gently clean the fins. Also, made sure the padding is level. This will help the condenser to run at optimal levels.

The evaporator can be found in the plenum above the furnace. After you access it by removing any insulation and screws, use a mirror to see all around it while you clean it with a stiff brush. It’s a smart move to empty the evaporator tray out and clean it with bleach to remove any fungal growth.

Cleaning the two main parts of the ac system will help it to last longer and run better. This will allow you to save money on repairs and utility bills.

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