How to Save a Knocked Out Tooth: Your Emergency Dentist in Long Island

Are you prepared for an emergency? Dental emergencies can be a scary event that may cause severe pain and excessive bleeding. Ensure that you know how your dentist handles emergencies outside the office and after hours before you experience a dental crisis. The phone number for your Emergency dentist Long Island should be at your fingertips and ready to dial. It is always best to be prepared and have a plan in mind to keep your family safe.

Save a Knocked Out Tooth

First, pick up the tooth at the top part or crown without touching the roots. If the root has been soiled or has landed on a dirty surface, rinse with warm water without scrubbing or stripping the root tissue. Next, ensure that the tooth is facing the correct way by matching it up with the angle of the tooth next to it. After you are sure that the tooth is in the correct position, attempt to insert it back into the original socket. If the space of the missing tooth is bleeding, the replacement of the tooth will stop or slow the flow of blood. Call your Emergency dentist Long Island immediately for an appointment to ensure the tooth will be saved.

If you cannot replace the tooth easily back into the socket, do not force it. Swelling of the tissues due to trauma may make it unable to fit. If the area is bleeding, apply a clean towel or gauze and apply pressure to help stop it. Place the tooth in a clean bag or container of milk. Alternatively, if milk is not available, place it in warm water with a pinch of salt. Call your Emergency dentist Long Island and take the tooth with you to have it professionally replaced and saved.

You Have One Hour to Save a Tooth

If you do have an emergency, ensure that you keep a cool head and act quickly. The best chances of saving a knocked out tooth is within one hour of the incident and with the help of your dentist. If you have a dental emergency, call your dentist immediately for a fast appointment and the best possible chance of saving the tooth

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