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How to Retain High Quality Tenants

To maximize real estate investment returns, you will need a rental management agency on your side to keep quality tenants satisfied, so they will continually renew their leases.  It is much cheaper to retain a good tenant than what it is to try to find a replacement for them each year.  Filling vacancies takes a lot of effort and money, so you need to retain current tenants if you possibly can.  As long as you take care of your tenants, then you should be in a good position to keep them.  A good reputation is what it is all about.

Respect Tenants and Treat Them Right

Respect can get you far.  Listen to what your tenants have to say.  Make sure you take their suggestions under advisement, and always try to meet reasonable demands if you are able to.  Make them feel as if they are a part of the process.  Tenants who feel like their voices are being heard will be much more likely to remain in their home at the end of the lease.

Make Things Easier

Give tenants the convenience they want.  Times have certainly changed over the last decade, and more and more things are becoming automated every day.  Tenants lead busy lives, so they want features that will make life simpler.  Offer online bill payment, 24 hour customer service, and things such as online maintenance requests or even community events, so they can meet other people in the area.  If they feel as if they are getting value for their money, then they will stay.

Get Creative

All landlords are trying to compete for quality tenants.  If you do not give your renters an incentive to stay, they will just find somewhere else to live where they can get more value for their money.  Try offering incentives, such as a rent-free month or referral rewards to make them feel appreciated.  Give them the best property management services in Medford, and they will continually renew their leases.

Property Upkeep

People want to live in a nice place where they feel comfortable.  If your rentals appear as if they have seen better days, then it may be best to remodel a few things.  If you fix things as they start to deteriorate, then things will not become so unmanageable.  Good locations with low crime rates are desirable for tenants who want to live in a good part of town.  Customer service is also imperative.  The service you provide could be the deciding factor on whether or not a tenant renews their lease.

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