How to Properly Care for Hot Tubs Covers

Hot tubs covers are essential to the longevity of your hot tub, as well as its functionality. These covers will keep your hot tub cleaner and your heating bill lower because it will keep out any debris and hold the heat in for a longer period of time. However, these covers don’t last as long as your hot tub will, which means you will likely need to replace it. You can prolong the longevity of the cover by taking proper care of it, though.

Cleaning Chemicals

It may be tempting to use chemicals on your hot tub cover to clean it. However, the layer of waterproofing used on these covers is sensitive to chemicals. Therefore, it is best to wipe it clean with a damp cloth, if necessary. The use of chemicals will eventually wear down the protective layer on the cover, allowing any moisture to seep into the cover and further damage it.

Special Products

If wiping down hot tubs covers with gentle soap and water doesn’t do the job, there are special products you can buy. However, you will need to be sure you purchase one for the particular material from which your cover is made. For instance, for a vinyl cover, there are special vinyl cleaners that will work without damaging the protective coating on the vinyl to keep any moisture out. You should still use these products as a last resort, though.

Snow or Rain Buildup

Whether you live in an area that gets snow or a lot of rain, you need to make sure this buildup stays off the top of your hot tub cover. This is especially true with snow. A thin layer of snow can actually become quite heavy for your hot tub cover. If left there, it will begin to bend and put pressure on the cover, causing it to crack or otherwise become damaged. Therefore, it is best to clear off the cover every time it snows or you notice water building up on top to prevent this damage.

Protecting hot tubs covers can help prolong the life of the cover, as well as the life of the hot tub. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can break down the waterproof barrier that is so important to these covers. Instead, use plain water or water mixed with a gentle soap to do any cleaning. If you must, find a cleaner designed to work on the material from which your cover is made. It is also important to make sure the cover remains free of snow or water buildup to further protect it.

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