How to Plant Fall Bulbs

If you love the look of the gorgeous colors the first signs of spring bring to many lawns and gardens through the use of spring flowers, you need to learn a few tricks to help you be the most successful. While spring flower planting is not difficult to do, it does require a few careful steps to ensure the fruits of your labor reward you with gorgeous colored flowers that bring a smile to your face after a long, dreary winter. In order to achieve the gorgeous spring flowers you desire, you need to start with fall bulbs.

Choosing the Bulbs

Before you plant just any bulb in the ground, take a look at your bulbs to ensure they are healthy. Any bulbs that appear dry, moldy or withered should not be planted. You should also pay attention to the size of each one. The larger bulbs will create more flowers, which will play a vital role in where you plant them. If you are planting near other trees or shrubs, you might only want a few flowers, which means planting smaller bulbs.


While it is true most spring flowers require full sun, because these flowers bloom so early in the spring, most areas of your yard will receive full sun because of the lack of other blooms, such as trees. Some flowers do require a few hours of shade. Make sure to take the time to read the directions that come with your flowers to ensure you choose the right location for them.


Timing the planting of your fall bulbs is essential. Planting them too early could result in flowers that bloom too early, causing them to lose their beauty in the spring. Planting them too late could leave you trying to break into frozen ground. Each zone has its best time for planting bulbs; finding out the right timing in your area is essential to the success of your flowers. If your area does not have freezing winters, you might have to purchase bulbs that are pre-chilled. This is how the roots of the bulbs begin to grow, which is why timing is of the essence.


Always plant the bulbs with the pointed tip up and plant them as far down as you can. At a minimum, each bulb should be planted three times its own diameter down. The further down the bulb is buried, the safer it is from harsh winter weather.

Planting fall bulbs is easy as long as you follow these few simple steps. There is not a lot of hard work involved and you are able to enjoy the gorgeous flowers of various varieties at the first sign of spring.




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