How to Obtain an Armed Security Officer License

An armed Security Officer Virginia will need to find out all of the required registration information that they need to work in their field and in the state of Virginia. An armed Security Officer Virginia will need to obtain a license to work in the state. The security officer must meet the minimum age of eighteen years old, have successfully completed all of the category training requirements which include firearms. They also must be a United States citizen or a legal resident alien within the United States. The training requirements involve between approximately forty to forty-two hours worth of training within four courses. The four courses are:

Security Officer Entry-Level Core Subjects (18 hours)

Armed Security Officer Arrest Authority (8 hours)

Entry-Level Firearms Training (14 hours)

Entry-Level Shotgun Training (2 hours)

After completing all of the training, the armed security officer will need to submit their initial registration application and pay the non-refundable applicable fee. They will need to submit their complete mailing address, fingerprint card, the fingerprinting processing application, and the non-refundable applicable fee. For security officers who will have access to a firearm, they need to complete all of the requirements to get a Firearm Endorsement certificate. The certificate is good for one year and they will need to renew it yearly to remain active with the state.

For individuals who have ever been found guilty of a misdemeanor or a felony, or have ever been convicted (doesn’t include traffic violations) in the state of Virginia or any other state, they will need to submit a Criminal History Supplement Form.

The registrations for armed security guards are issued for a two year period. They will need to renew their certificates every two years to remain current and active with the state of Virginia and their employers. The armed security guard will need to submit their registration renewal application form and their non-refundable applicable fee, too. The officer will need to complete an in-service training course. They will need to complete the Renewal Private Security Registration Application. Keeping up with the needed documentation is important to continue with being a licensed armed security officer.

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