How to Find the Right VoIP Phone Service Provider

If you are interested in using voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, for your phone service, you will need to know what to look for in a VoIP phone service provider. Even though this phone service is through your Internet connection, it will provide you many of the same features and options as a typical land line would. However, you need to make sure you are choosing a company that will work the best for you and your business.

First, you need to consider the costs of the services provided to you. Some VoIP services will limit the number of calls you can make before charging you extra. Others will charge one rate for local calls and another for long distance calls. In general, you want a company that doesn’t differentiate between local and long distance calls because they all go through the same Internet. This will broaden your reach so you can reach customers around the world.

One of the biggest issues with switching to a VoIP phone service provider is the difficulties with 911. With a land line, operators are able to tell exactly where you are calling from. Because a VoIP phone line isn’t connected to a specific location, this service won’t work the same. If you call 911, they won’t be able to automatically determine your location. However, some VoIP providers will offer what is called E911, which will connect to the address you have on file. While this won’t work as well if you are accessing your VoIP line remotely, it is better than nothing.

Compatibility is another important factor to consider. You want to be sure the VoIP service will work with the equipment you already have so you don’t need to buy more. Ask any provider you contact if their services are compatible with your specific equipment so you can make the most cost effective choice for your business. If you can use your existing Internet service, computer and telephone, you will pay far less than if you need new.

Finding a quality VoIP phone service provider should be your top priority when you are setting up your business phone system. This means you will need to make sure you choose the provider that is the best fit for you. Checking out the rates the company offers, the ability to use E911 and the compatibility of the service will help you determine if the company is the best fit for you.

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