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How to Find a Mover When You Have to Sell a Home in Wichita, KS

When you Sell a Home Wichita KS, you will need to enlist the services of a moving company. Below are tips to use to find a mover when it is time to sell a home Wichita KS.

You will get advertisements for moving companies as soon as your home is listed on the market to be sold. Look through these items to see what original deals are available in your area. Research the companies and see how they fare with online customer reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and with your local Chamber of Commerce.

Ask your friends and family for recommendations for moving companies that they have used and had a good experience working with. People generally have strong feelings about moving companies they have used in the past, so you should get honest and direct answers.

Make sure to get a few in-home estimates before making a decision. There is no way a moving company can give you an accurate and honest quote for your move over the phone or online. A representative for the company will need to walk through your home to get a visual on the amount of items that need to be move, as well as how many items are delicate and will take special care in order to move safely.

Ask your Realtor who is Sell a Home Wichita KS if they have any coupons, promotions, or discounts with local moving companies that they can share with you. They generally have relationships with companies related to their business and are solicited by mover to get business.

Make sure that the mover you select has the proper insurance. This is important because if any furniture or valuable items are damaged or broken in the move, the mover’s insurance should be able to cover it Ask the moving company about their insurance, what it covers, and how to go about filing a claim if necessary.

You will also want to verify that the mover is licensed and regulated to do business. You can find this out by checking with your state agencies that regulate transportation services.

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