How to Find a Good Sexual Harassment Lawyer Springfield MA

Sexual Harassment is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and is a form of sexual discrimination in the workplace. Going through a sexual harassment without a good sexual harassment lawyer can be disastrous. An incompetent lawyer can be just as disastrous in the courtroom. Because sexual harassment laws can be complex, finding an experienced sexual harassment lawyer is critical. There are four main steps in finding a good Sexual Harassment Lawyer Springfield MA.

Shop Around

It is important to meet multiple lawyers before making a final decision. Not all lawyers are created equally. It is critical to have a brief conversation over the phone or in perseon. This will help you figure out his work style and approach. Referrals are key. For referrals,check out the Masschusets’s Bar association or the American Bar Association. These bar associations offer legal referral services and tools to find a good sexual harassment lawyer. Another option is to ask friends, family, neighbors or colleagues. I would highly recommend Michael O. Shea P.C. Attorney at Law, who is one of the most competent lawyers in Springfield, MA when it comes to handling sexual harassment cases.

Trust and Fees

Once you have narrowed your search to a few lawyers, it is time to meet. Make sure to take note of how they practice the law, their personality, as well as their court fees. It is important to feel comfortable and trust your lawyer. It is impossible to have a successful case if you are not comfortable enough to be completely honest with your lawyer. Make sure to inquire about fees in order to make sure that you can afford a lawyers services. Fees for a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Springfield MA can range from $50 per hour to over $400 per hour.


Make sure to check out the credentials of your lawyer. Does he have a good reputation around town? Ask friends, search the internet. What kind of training does he have? Does he get good results for his clients? Answers to these questions will help you evaluate and choose the best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Springfield MA.

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