How To Estimate A Job For Commercial Painters In Nashville

There are plenty of industries where costs fluctuate in terms of the services and commercial painting is no exception. Finding a way to estimate the cost of a job is important if you want to be competitive on a job quote. If you are looking to start a business in the commercial painters Nashville market, find a way to estimate job quotes that are fair and constant.

Depending on your time in the business and the type of equipment that you own, you can charge different amounts. It is important in the beginning that you charge neither too much or too little for a paint job. Obviously, charging too much will put you out of a job and if you charge too little the client will think you are not experienced enough.

Some painters can get away with charging more because of the equipment that they bring to a work site. If you own professional application tools such as a commercial spray gun then it may not be of value to charge by the labor hour. Your job will obviously be finished sooner than a paint brush and roller job and the application will be more professional.

There are generally three ways to bid a job. When you are deciding on your business practices pick a way to estimate jobs and stick with it. You could use an average of the three ways but whatever you choose, stay consistent with your estimating system. Keep in mind that the longer it takes you to get a quote back to a client, the more often you will lose that client. Clients want to know that you are actively pursuing their business.

One way to estimate a job is to keep a consistent square footage cost. Include in this cost materials, labor, time to prepare and time to paint. Another way to estimate a commercial painters Nashville job is to have a standard labor per hour rate and then charge additional for material only. Lastly, a standard in the industry states that materials charges should make up close to 20% of the job cost. That would mean if you need three gallons of paint at $60 a gallon, the cost for materials would be $180. The total for the labor would then be over $750.

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