How to Enhance your Smile at the Dentist Office

A dentist helps in cosmetically enhancing your appearance by improving the structure, shape, size, length and color of your teeth. Dental treatments can replace lost teeth, straighten crooked teeth and remove discolorations from stained teeth. Dental treatment is not exclusively about management of tooth decay, cure of gum diseases and emergency trauma treatment. Some dental professionals receive special training for cosmetic dentistry and have the skill to improve your appearance by aesthetically enhancing your teeth and smile.

Bleaching and whitening are the most common cosmetic treatments sought from a dentist. Stained and discolored teeth can detract from your smile and confidence. Stains can be of three types: Superficial stains, embedded stains and structural stains.

Superficial stains are existent only on the surface and brushing with ordinary toothpaste should suffice in removing these stains. More stubborn superficial stains can be removed by using whitening toothpastes.

Embedded stains are those that have penetrated into the teeth. Tobacco and coffee are both capable of producing embedded stains to your teeth. With time, embedded stains can become prominent. Chain smoking can leave a pronounced brown stain on teeth. Whitening toothpaste and professional cleaning from a dentist cannot remove such stains. To remove these stains professional tooth whitening treatments using peroxide gel are effective in chemically bleaching the stain.

Structural stains are existent from when the tooth was first formed. As with skin color, genetic variations in tooth color may be present. Teeth can be naturally a shade of yellow or gray. Extensive use of antibiotics like tetracycline can also impart a nasty color to the teeth. Fluorisis is a structural stain caused by consuming too much fluoride. Fluorosis is characterized by white or brown spots. Stains like this cannot be masked with direct dental bonding or veneers. Tetracycline stains can be bleached but not often very successfully. Porcelain veneers may be the answer to such a condition.

Veneers are wafer thin (half a millimeter) shells of porcelain that can be bonded directly to the outer surface of teeth to give a more even appearance. Other restorative materials like resin are sometimes used but they cannot match porcelain in a smile makeover. Porcelain veneers are more resistant to wear and tear than the enamel of the teeth and are also relatively stain-resistant. They are effective in covering stains from smoking and tetracycline. When you seek cosmetic treatment like placement of veneers, always consult with a trained dentist. Bethlehem residents can find a number of skilled and trained professionals in the area offering aesthetic treatments.

Dentist Bethlehem – If you are looking for a dentist, Bethlehem based Bethlehem Family Dental offers a wide range of treatments for cosmetic and general dental care.

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