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How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint for Your Historic Home

If your home is a genuine example of Los Angeles’ historic architecture you must preserve its original design and keep its historic nature intact. Los Angeles homes are as diverse in their style and age as are the people who live within them. Preserving them with quality paints such as the Tex Cote Los Angeles painters prefer will allow future generations to enjoy their beauty.

Victorian Homes
Victorian homes of L.A. would have been built between1880-1900. Multiple colors were used to add character and bring out the wood detail on porches, siding, gables and window frames. When looking for color inspiration for your Victorian home look to historical palettes using at least three paint colors. Typically, accent colors would be either darker or lighter than the base of the home.

Craftsman or Arts & Craft style homes looked to natural inspirations both inside and out. These bungalows are distinguishable by their natural earth tones and were built from 1895 to 1925. Common colors would include earth tones in neutral greens, grays, browns and red-browns.

Spanish Colonial Revival
As the name implies these homes are strongly influenced by the Spanish architecture discernible by their stucco walls and red clay tile roofs. Built between 1895 and 1940 these homes had lasting appeal. You should actually not paint over stucco. Instead have new tinted stucco applied over the existing face and for trim look to rusts, browns or grays.

American Colonial Revival
These homes were built starting in 1880 and the style is still popular for new housing developments today. Colonial revival relies on paler colors such as white, gray, tan, yellow or pale blue. Dark accents can then be used for trim, doors and other details on your home.

Tudor Revival
These homes are reminiscent of the British style Tudor homes and were built in L.A. from 1905 to 1940. Stucco and wood are the main materials of the home and stucco should be replaced using creams, tans and whites while wood should be painted in dark browns or black.

To maintain the integrity of your historical gem using quality paints such as Tex Cote Los Angeles painters prefer will keep it beautiful for years to come.


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