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How to Choose Manhattan Fashion Eyewear that Match Your Face Shape

Finding the right Manhattan Fashion Eyewear can be a daunting task if you do not know your face coloring and shape. Having a clear understanding of how your face looks will help you to save the time and aggravation for having to try every pair of glasses in the optician’s store. Here are some tips to help you through the selection process.

Determining your face shape

The shape of your face determines the type of eyeglass frames that can fit you well. Although most faces have a mixture of shapes and angles, involving six major face shapes. These include:

Round – A round face tends to have curved lines while the length and width are in the same proportion. This kind of face works well with angular narrow glass frames.

Oval – For the oval shaped face, try walnut shaped frames that are not too deep or narrow. The frames will help to maintain the face’s natural balance.

Oblong – A face is considered oblong if with a long wide straight check line. In order to make the face appear more balanced and shorter, try frames with more depth but low bridge.

Base down triangle – This face has a slender brow widening at the chin and cheek areas. For an emphasized narrow forehead and favorable width, look for heavily accented frames with a more detail in top half.

Base up triangle – This face has a small bottom third and a wide top third. For a minimized width top, try frames with a wider bottom and light colors.

Diamond – This face tends to be tapered at the eye and jaw line with broad cheekbones that appear too dramatic. The face works with rimless frames.

Square – This face is characterized by a broad fore head and a strong jaw line. Pick a narrow frame with an extra width and less depth.

Know your face color

Once you have determined your face shape, ask your optician to help you carry out a color scrutiny. The factors to consider for face color analysis include your skin, hair and eyes. Having a good understanding of your face shape and color will make easy to get Manhattan Fashion Eyewear frames that give you a good look.

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