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How to Care for a Vinyl Fence in St. Paul

A Vinyl Fence in St Paul area residents might purchase needs a lot of care and attention to keep it looking nice. It is important for fence owners to know how to properly care for their fences, and maintain their look while keeping them clean. It is just one more part of the home, and should be taken care of as such.

How to Clean the Fence Cleaning a vinyl fence simply consists of taking a hose and spraying the fence down. Debris can easily be washed away in this manner. If there are stains and spots, however, and they are proving more difficult to remove, then place a brush attachment on the end of the hose and scrub the spot away. It is better to start at the bottom of the fence and work up toward the top.

Removing Grass and Other Stains There are times when washing the fence may prove more difficult. Grass stains can often occur along the bottom of the fence when the resident has mowed the lawn. This is harder to get off, but not impossible. Fill a bucket with water and dish soap. Take a rag that can be used to scrub the spot, and dip it in the water-soap mixture. Then simply scrub away the spot. If it still is not gone, then use bleach. Dump out the water-soap mixture, and make a water-bleach mixture instead. If the fence is white, use 3 parts water and 1 part bleach. If it is darker, use 5 parts water. Scrub the stain and then immediately hose it down with regular water to get the bleach off.

Once the entire fence is cleaned, and it has been sprayed down with water to rinse it off, it will be good to go. It is important to keep a Vinyl Fence St Paul residents have in good condition. Fences should be cleaned at least once every year, if not more. Make it a habit to at least clean the fence every year before summer begins. The fence will then be kept looking nice, thus making the yard, and in turn the house, look good as well.

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