How to Become a Criminal Lawyer in Oshkosh

When asked “what they want to be when they grow up”, many grade school students will immediately answer a doctor or a lawyer. Those that are serious about going into law are faced with many different types of law that they can study, and many different career paths they can choose. One of the more challenging areas in the study of law is Criminal law. This can also be one of the most rewarding areas. Criminal lawyers spend a considerable amount of time in the courtroom, representing people or companies that have been accused of committing crimes. This is a good starting point for people that have aspirations of furthering their legal careers. Most District Attorneys or Judges have practiced criminal law at some point in their career. If you are interested in learning how to become a Criminal Lawyer Oshkosh, here are a few suggestions.

You must be a strong student. The educational path to becoming a criminal lawyer can be a difficult one. Graduation from high school is a must, prior to enrolling into a four year college program. There are many undergraduate degrees that will help prepare you for law school and some of the more popular degrees are in Criminal Justice, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology and even Journalism and English. Criminal attorneys must have very strong writing, as well as public speaking skills.

Elective classes need to be focused on preparing you in these areas. Upon graduation you will need to study and take the Law School Admissions Test, or LSAT exam. This test is only given four times per year around the country. The scores obtained will help to determine whether or not you are admitted into law school.

To be a Criminal Lawyer Oshkosh, you must complete a Juris Doctorate degree. This is a three year program. You will be able to practice your trial skills, doing such exercises as moot court, and mock trials. During law school you will also want to apply for and complete a clerkship with other criminal lawyers. Upon completing law school you must then past the bar exam in your state. This is a test of your knowledge of law, as well as your knowledge of professional ethics. The journey to becoming a Criminal lawyer is not easy, but the reward is great.

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