How To Become A Criminal Attorney In Philadelphia PA

Starting off in a law career can look typical regardless of the type of law you are practicing. To get into law school first requires an undergraduate degree. At this time, to get into a law school does not necessarily require a specific bachelor’s degree. Having a four year degree that focuses on law, however, will help with the requirements needed in law school. Especially if you are interested in becoming a Criminal Attorney Philadelphia PA.

If you are focused on becoming a Criminal Attorney Philadelphia PA, focusing on mock trials to develop skills in the courtroom is essential. Developing oratory and defense skills are an essential part of the profession. Often times an undergraduate degree focused in English will help to strengthen written skills and give a wide background for performing investigative and research jobs.

In order to get into criminal law, a normal stepping stone for advancement is spent as a prosecutor or a public defender in criminal cases. Meeting with clients outside of the office is mandatory and often at unusual times of the day. As a public defender, most of the clients will be in a courthouse, prison, hospital or some other location that will prevent them from normal hours or transportation to an office.

The plus side of getting your training as a public defender or prosecutor means that you are on the way to becoming an experienced lawyer in one of the fastest growing, and most lucrative, job professions. An experienced lawyer that is called to work on a high profile case can earn a six figure income. Starting out, the job can pay anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 annually.

A criminal attorney can work alone, in a private practice or an established law firm with partners. An attorney can also be employed by non-profit organizations or for the government in a public defender position. With the amount of crimes on the rise, job security and salary compensation is promising as long as the lawyer is adept in state, federal and local laws. Understanding the court system, being able to navigate the system and being familiar with judges helps with retaining client relations as criminal defenders can be difficult to work with.

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