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How to Avoid Illegitimate in Topeka, KS Roofers

Storms bring with them plenty of hazards to your home, including flooding, hail damage and wind damage. When this occurs in your area, plenty of unlicensed contractors take advantage of the situation and start knocking on doors to offer their services to unsuspecting homeowners. This is typically a sign of illegitimate in Topeka, KS roofers, and you should steer clear of them. It isn’t hard to spot the illegitimate contractors once you are aware of a few simple signs.


Reputable and licensed roofers in Topeka, KS typically do not go door to door to solicit business; they typically don’t have to because they have enough business without it. If you suddenly start getting sales calls from contractors who were supposedly in the area or doing work on a neighbor’s house, be leery of the services.


One of the biggest scams storm chasers or illegitimate roofers partake in is luring you in with a low quote and then switching the cost on you once the repairs have been started or are done. These contractors will then try to pressure or scare you into paying their astronomical charges.

Down Payment

Many illegitimate contractors also target certain areas after a severe storm by going door-to-door, convincing the homeowners their roof needs the repair, even though all they did was a quick walk around your property. Then they ask for a large down payment for the services. They will use the excuse they need the down payment money to purchase the materials for your job. Once you write the check, that is the last time you will see the supposed contractors or your money.

Lack of Paperwork

The storm chasers typically do not have any paperwork to back up their quotes or provide you with a contract for the work they say they will provide. This is how they get away with overcharging, running away with your check or any other illegitimate work they might do.

If you honestly have storm damage on your roof, it is best if you call Alpha Roofing LLC reputable roofers in Topeka, KS on your own and talk to them on your terms, rather than feeling reassured by someone knocking on your door and convincing you that you have severe damage that will be detrimental if you do not have it fixed. If you take the steps to protect yourself, you can avoid the illegitimate contractors and have your roof repaired the right way.

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