How Rug Type Makes A Difference With Cleaning

Anyone who owns a rug knows how difficult it can be to get it clean. Many types of rugs require a different kind of tender loving care to keep it in beautiful condition. But accidents happen, and life happens, too. No matter how much care goes into caring for your beautiful area rug, it’s going to experience the normal wear and tear of everyday life as well as surviving the occasional accidental spill. To help prevent detrimental effects, it is important that you locate and utilize a professional who specializes in rug cleaning in Sherman Oaks CA.

You first need to ask yourself how educated you are about your rug. Do you know much about it and how it was made? Is it hand knotted or machine made? Did you even know that makes a difference when it comes to how it’s cleaned? If you don’t know what category your rug falls into, then hiring a specialist in rug cleaning in Sherman Oaks CA will be able to help you correctly identify your rug.

What are the differences between hand knotted or hand tufted rugs? A hand knotted rug has, quite literally, been hand knotted on a loom. Small rugs could take one person months to complete. Hand tufted rugs come to life by pushing wool into a fabric with the use of a tufting gun. Once completed, the back of the rug is covered with another material, often jute or cotton, to give it a finished look. To the untrained eye, it could be very hard to distinguish between the two, and they couldn’t be more different.

Hand knotted rugs have stood the test of time. They are incredibly durable. Hand tufted rugs aren’t able to brag that kind of longevity. When these rugs experience high traffic, the hand tufted rug doesn’t have a chance.

Once your specialist of rug cleaning in Sherman Oaks CA has helped you identify your rug, he or she will also be able to go over a list of cleaning options available for your rug. Because of the different types of materials that make up various rugs and the after-market treatments that can face the life of the textile, it always pays to do your homework before you select which rug cleaning in Sherman Oaks CA you will choose for your rug.

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