How Keeping Your Jewelry Clean Extends Their Life and Investment

Whether you are considering the purchase of cheap engagement rings, those of a moderate price, or jewelry that will become a great investment, it is important to know how your jewelry can be cleaned so you can extend the life of your precious collection.

For whatever reason you have purchased your jewelry, knowing how to keep it clean can add years to its useful life.

Keeping Jewelry in Boxes Doesn’t Keep It Clean

Whether you like to admit it or not, jewelry kept in boxes will still attract some dust. Most individuals will sweat slightly. And this may leave a minor residue on your jewelry, which may damage to the presentation when it isn’t cleaned regularly.

Cheap engagement rings require just as much attention as the highest value diamond investment.

Where possible, you can take your jewelry to your favorite jeweler, and they will arrange for the cleaning for a small fee. You can save some of this money and add it towards future jewelry investments by cleaning your jewelry at home.

Some people choose to mix and match these ideas. By taking your jewelry to your jeweler once a year and taking the time to clean your investments when they are at home is perhaps the most perfect match.

You may already know that when you are not wearing your jewelry, each piece should be kept in a separate and soft compartment within a safe container. Your jewelry may become scratched or damaged if it is all muddled together and kept within one package.

Regular cleaning of your jewelry prevents a buildup of dirt which can also damage your investment, especially with cheap engagement rings.

You can use warm water and a soft toothbrush and if you’re going to be cleaning diamonds, ask your jeweler for hints and knowledge.

Weak strings on jewelry can become worse when they become damp, so this is best avoided.

Where it is possible, avoid cheap engagement rings and other lower-priced jewelry because the better-quality items are easier to look after, better to maintain and will retain their value or more for longer.

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