How does a dentist do a filling?

A dental filling is a two stage process;

* Remove the decayed tooth matter which has been caused by a cavity or injury

* The application of different materials which fills the void from preparation and returns the tooth to full use

If the tooth is so severely decayed it may not be possible to fill it and a crown will have to be fitted. A crown is made from a mold of the prepared tooth and when it is finished, it is fitted to the tooth with special adhesives. The fitting of a crown is referred to as indirect restoration. Although crowns can be fitted, the most frequently used method is direct restoration where all the work takes place in the mouth with no need for crowns, bridges or molds.

When the dentist in Cedar Rapids IA begins stage one, the removal of the decay and the preparation of the tooth for restoration, this is when most patients become anxious and uncomfortable. The dentist has to drill into the area which is decayed to excise the portions of the tooth that are beyond repair. In most cases the dentist uses Novocain with numbs the area in which he will be working, but even with the sensation of pain numbed, the sound and smell associated with the drill cause many patients to suffer from anxiety.

In recent years, a procedure called sedation dentistry has become quite popular. When the patient is given certain medications he or she can be in a state of conscious sedation, not aware of the procedures that are happening and having no memory of it after it has been completed. Sedation dentistry is somewhat more expensive than traditional Novocain but is recommended for those patients who suffer from anxiety attacks.

Once the first stage has been completed, the dentist in Cedar Rapids IA goes on to stage two which is far less severe. The material for filling the prepared area is prepared; the material can be dental amalgam or polymer resin. Amalgam is made from a mixture of mercury and metal but due to concerns of ingesting mercury, many patients are now demanding that their filling be a plastic polymer or glass ionomer cements.

Dr. Adrian Rehak provides patients the best dental care services to maintain beautiful and healthy smile in Cedar Rapids IA.

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