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How Do Roofers in Denton TX Place a Roof

Take a shingle off and put a new shingle on. This is the basic process of replacing a roof but isn’t all there is to it. The roofers in Denton TX you speak with will understand this aspect. The success of roof placement, repairs and replacement is to master the layering of it all. In the end, the shingles may not keep the rain from falling on your bedroom, but it will be part of the system.

The Four Parts of a Shingle Roof

Roofers in Denton TX put the roof on in layers, which will create the roof system that will both look nice and protect your house from snow and rain, among other things. The roof deck is laid down first. It is usually made of plywood or oriented strand wood of some sort. This will be nailed to the rafters. In hot climates, a panel that is foil-faced may be utilized to reflect away some of the heat to assist in cooling the house.

Next, the roofers in Denton TX will lay done a sheet of No. 15 felt. The purpose of this is to act as an interceptor of water. In the case that water has gotten past the shingle, there is another layer to stop it from penetrating the wood deck. The way that water may bypass the shingle is if the shingle has gotten damaged in a storm or if it has been installed incorrectly.

Then, the roofers are ready to apply the shingles. The shingle is constructed so part of it goes under the shingle below it. The shingle consists of the part you see when you drive past a house and the other part that falls below what you see. The next row of shingles will be placed over it. It is a felt or fiberglass mat that is easy for nails to go through.

Lastly, there is a strip of aluminum that seals the edges to help the shingles to not flap in the wind and to seal it from driving rain entering.

All the Other Types of Roofs

Every roof has its system. There are many other roof types, styles and materials used. However, the system that was outlined above is basically the four-step process. Roofers in Denton TX like DKG Roofing Contractor LLC. always have to put down a deck nailed to the rafters. It will always need some type of underlayment and then the part of the roof you see.

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