How do I find the best CPA Exam review course?

Once you become a CPA, the rewards are great; it’s the getting there that is difficult. The CPA exam is thought to be the most difficult of all professional examinations. The test requires a great deal of preparation, review, dedication and money.

With a passing score of 75% and a failure rate in excess of 50%, what is it that can be done to increase your chances of success? When you talk to any CPA you will get the same answer, the key is a CPA exam review course, but with the large number of courses available, what is the criterion used in selecting the one that is best suited to you?

The learning method:

People do not learn alike, especially at this stage of their career when they may already be raising a family and trying to make ends meet. The personal circumstances of the candidate must be considered as the primary factor. Does the candidate learn better on-line or is he a visual learner who learns best with the stimulus of a lecture?
The study habits and the amount of time that can be honestly devoted to study is a major consideration. If you are raising a family then the amount of time available for focused studies will be less than the single candidate who has little or no external influence on his time.

If live review courses are the better approach for you, you will no doubt benefit from the focused study. Live courses are going to be similar to your university experiences; you will be given a timeline and the elements which demand your attention. With live review, you can interact with others which can be a positive step in full understanding of the material.

Self-study courses are preferred by many people, as are on-line courses. These courses are less structured as they allow you flexibility as well as choice. When the live class is a considerable distance from your home or you cannot dedicate specific time lines, the on-line and distance learning options are beneficial.


Of course the cost of the review course is important, but it is not the most important. Remember, if you hit the magic 75% then you are in a position to open doors that up till now have been closed to you.

You may also be working for a firm that offers assistance in paying for the review or if not assistance, then a considerable bonus should you pass the CPA exam.

Other considerations:

The best course may the one that attempts to replicate the exam situation. Simulated exams and reviews may provide a more comfortable feeling when you are taking the actual exam.

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