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How Child Dentists help build Self Esteem

There are a number of ways in which you can actively influence your child’s growth, good health and mental development. By taking your child to visit child dentists early in his or her life you could be helping in more ways than you think. Teeth play an important role in the future eating habits, speech development and facial appearance of the child. By guiding the child in developing good oral hygiene, preventing tooth decay and having inherited defects rectified, your child will develop naturally good teeth, a pleasing smile and improved self esteem.

Tooth decay is a serious problem in the US and affects more children than any chronic infectious disease. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry claims that of the four million children born annually, more than half of them will have cavities before they reach second grade and 40%-50% of children under the age of 5 will suffer from dental caries. Besides dental caries, there are a multitude of orthodontic problems that might arise while the child grows from infancy to adolescence. Consulting and scheduling regular checkups from child dentists will enable the prevention or treatment of dental caries and also get early diagnosis of orthodontic problems. Maintaining good oral hygiene would also limit the occurrence of embarrassing developments like halitosis. Halitosis severely affects self esteem in adolescents and can be prevented by observing good oral hygiene and treatment of gum disease.

Child dentists will ideally provide preventive treatments. Sealants and fluoride treatments are recommended for preventing caries. Sealants are used to protect the molars from developing cavities by providing a protective shield over the pitted and grooved surfaces of the teeth. They are made of clear or shaded plastic and are virtually undetectable. There is no need to drill the surface of the teeth to apply sealant, and it takes a few minutes to have the sealant in place. Besides convenience, effective results, painless procedure, sealants are affordable and may last many years (5-10 years) if properly cared for. Child dentists check the sealants on every routine checkup for deterioration and may suggest re-application or repair. Most insurance firms cover sealants and so it makes good sense to seek this treatment to prevent caries in molars for youngsters. The first molars appear when the child is around 6 and the second molars erupt around the age of 12. Parents should think about applying sealants as soon as the molars appear. For more information visit Lewis Family Dentistry. Vancouver WA residents can ask for preventive care from their local pediatric dentists.

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