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How Bed Bug Exterminators in NYC Get Rid of Bed Bugs

for bed bugs, termites, mice, roaches, bees, and other crawling and flying pests, you need bed bug exterminators in NYC that are available on a short term notice and who can get rid of pests both quickly and safely. These pests can vary from those that destroy your home’s very structure to those that can contaminate your food to those that can make you and your pets itch.

Some customers may also be concerned about the safety of the chemicals that they use, both for the safety of themselves and their pets as well as the effects of these chemicals being released into the environment. That said, you can always ask the pest control service if they have environmentally friendly options. Also, they should explain to you exactly what they will be doing in and outside your home and let you know about any precautions you should take, like removing any food, pet food and water dishes, and where to relocate your pets during the treatment.

Bed Bug Exterminators NYC are busy helping customers get rid of bed bugs from their homes and apartments. The presence of bed bugs is not a reflection on how clean your house is. While they seemed to be wiped out a hundred years ago, they’re now coming back strong. This is probably due to the how mobile of a society we are and how much we travel. Bed bugs like to hide inside mattresses, furniture, and clothing, and they produce rapidly. Just one bed bug can lay 120 new eggs each month.

If you have bed bugs, you’ll have to do a lot of prep work before the home can be treated. You’ll need to vacuum. You’ll need to wash every item of bedding and every article of clothing in hot water or have them dry cleaned. The pest service can provide you with detailed instructions of what to vacuum and what to clean.

Technicians will spray insecticide that kills bed bugs and kills their eggs. They may also have to seal any entryways like small cracks in baseboards and window frames that they found during the initial inspection so that more bed bugs don’t find their way in.
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