How a Wills and Trust Lawyer Can Help Avoid Unwanted Stress for Your Family

You have spent your entire life accumulating property that you want to pass on after your death. However, if you do not properly document your final wishes, your assets can be tied up in probate court for an undetermined amount of time. In some cases, the wrong recipient will receive the property if you do not clarify who you want to receive your estate. This can be extremely trying on your loved ones, especially if they disagree on who should receive your assets. You can avoid causing this unwanted stress on your family members when you consult with a wills and trusts lawyer in Moline, IL.

Services Offered

  • An attorney will assist you in gathering information on your assets.
  • They can provide legal advice to help ensure the beneficiaries inherit all or a good portion of your estate.
  • A lawyer can help determine how to allocate the property fairly between the beneficiaries.
  • A wills and trusts lawyer in Moline, IL write the legal documentation required to respect your wishes.
  • They offer valuable legal advice to protect you if you are unable to make medical decisions later.
  • The compassion that you require during a sensitive time and the legal service to ensure your family is protected financially.

Protect Your Estate Today!

You do not have to be wealthy or elderly to start making out your will or trust. Anyone that has property should consult with the experts at David J. Franks Attorney at Law. A skilled lawyer will consult with you to determine which legal documentation you require to protect your property. If your assets are not properly documented with your final wishes. You risk the chance of your estate going to the wrong beneficiary or ending up for an undetermined amount of time in probate court.

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