How A Singular Dental Implant In Manassas Helps Accident Victims

In Virginia, patients could find a solution for the after effects of an accident. Auto accidents could cause the injured driver to lose a tooth as a result of the impact of the steering wheel. This is where a cosmetic dentist steps in and helps these victims.

Singular Replacement of a Tooth

A dental implants in Manassas offers the best solution when a tooth is dislodged. During an auto accident, it is unlikely that a victim will have the opportunity to save the tooth. This leads to permanent loss. The loss of a front tooth, primarily, could hinder the patient’s self-esteem or confidence. It could also affect the way they communicate and prevent them from pronouncing words properly. If a patient loses a tooth in a car accident, they should contact a dentist presently.
How a Singular Implant is Installed

The first step for the dentist is to create an exact match of the remaining front tooth. The objective is to create a copy of the tooth to prevent the implant from appearing unnatural. This allows the dentist to implant a tooth without alignment issues that boost the appeal of the patient’s smile.

After the mold for the implant is sent to the lab, the dentist evaluates the patient’s jaw bone. The point is to determine if the jaw bone is strong enough to support the implant. When it isn’t, the dentist performs jaw grafts to build up the implant site. After the grafts heal, the dentist installs the titanium root with an abutment. The healing process could take up to one month.

The final step is to install the implant tooth. After the installation a follow-up appointment is scheduled to ensure that the implant site has heal appropriately. If the patient experiences any issues after the implantation, they should contact their dentist immediately.

A singular dental implant in Manassas could restore the self-esteem of an auto accident victim. These implants appear natural and last for several decades. They present a permanent solution for these individuals and don’t require an extended healing time. To learn more about these devices, contact a cosmetic dentist today.

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