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Honolulu Massage Is For Everyone

Massage Honolulu HI is not only for the pampered and stressed. While studies have found that the advantages of massage show it is effective for lowering stress, it can also help to treat pain and muscle strain. Massage is being offered more and more along with traditional treatments for illnesses and ailments.

If you have never had a massage before, you should know that there is nothing special you need to do before you go. In a traditional Massage Therapy session, the massage therapist will ask you about any issues you are having, medical conditions and whether you have any specific areas you want worked on. Most therapists will go over their personal technique and the type of massage they deliver.

You should not need to get completely naked for your Massage Honolulu HI session. Undress to the point that you are comfortable. Most massages take place on a table and you can cover yourself with a sheet or a robe. If you prefer, you can receive a massage while sitting in a chair with all of your clothing on. Initially, the therapist should check for any very painful or tense places and establish how much pressure you are comfortable with. No matter what type of massage you are getting, you should be comfortable and relaxed at all times during your massage and when it is over.

Depending on what type of Massage Honolulu HI you booked, your session may last from 15 to 90 minutes. During this time, be sure you are communicating with your therapist. If the pressure is too hard, ask the therapist to go easier. If they hit a spot that you know needs more work, let them know. Sometimes, some areas may be uncomfortable or painful while they are being worked on. Your massage will be better if you can let the therapist know how you are doing. Most therapists will use a lotion or an oil to reduce friction on your skin. Some therapists like to add aromatherapy to their rooms. Both of these things can be a problem if you have allergies. Discussing these issues before the massage or when you book the appointment will help your massage go better.

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