Hiring Quality Painting Companies Grand Rapids Area

Choosing the right painting company for your home or business needs can be easier than you think. If you are looking to hire a professional Painting Grand Rapids area company there are several things to consider.

Decide exactly what you need painted. Include walls, trim, doors, window sills and frames, interior and/or exterior painting and make a detailed list.

Next, choose your colors, texture, and sheen for each area. Keep in mind that many painting companies offer specialty paint finishes. Depending on your home or office’s style, you may want to consider a professional finish such as a faux finish, paint texturing, or glazing.

Look for reputable painting companies that are liscened and insured.

Ask friends and family for referrals. Check your local yellow pages and do some online research for painting companies. Read the customer reviews.

Ask for quotes from the company and what these quotes include. Does it include priming, second coats of paint, special finishes, clean-up, etc.

Choose your paint colors. Ask the painter for advice if you are unsure of your color choices. Again, make a list for specific colors and sheen for certain areas to be painted. This will eliminate miscommunication between you and the painter. Find out brands of paint the painting company prefers and choose what is in your budget.

Ask the company if you can see their portfolio or photos of places they have painted and ask for references. A company that is willing to stand behind their work and that is proud of their services will gladly provide this for you.

Clean-up is very important in the painting process. Make sure this is included in your quote. You don’t want to be left with a mess after the job is completed. Specify where you prefer clean-up to take place.

See if the painting company offers touch-up services or if there’s any type of guarantee to their work.

Doing your research will pay off in the end. When looking for a high quality painting company in the Grand Rapids area, consider Jon DeGraaf Painting. Finding a reputable, qualified company will ensure the painting job gets completed to your satisfaction.

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