Hiring An Attorney Mason OH

Most people have situations come up occasionally that they consider hiring an attorney Mason OH for advice or legal counsel. There are, of course, certain situations that an attorney is considered a “must” such as a lawsuit, getting arrested for a crime, divorce or a child custody battle. Cases of dispute between neighbors, problems collecting a debt, or a contractor who has not fulfilled his contractual obligations are cases that sometimes can be settled without an attorney in small claims court. If you can’t handle your situation on your own and you aren’t sure where to turn, it might be worth hiring an attorney, even just for a consultation to know where you stand in the matter.

Many attorneys offer a free consultation to allow you to explain your situation to them and at the same time they can advise you as to what they can do to assist you, if anything. This is the time to ask the personal injury attorney in Mason, OH any questions you may have about his representing you. Fully understand what he plans to do to help you. Ask what options you have available and what he feels the outcome of your case may be.

It’s always important to outline the fees and charges at this time too. Different cases require different payment options and fees. Certain cases, such as a divorce or defense for a lawsuit may require you to pay the attorney a retainer to represent you in the matter and then pay additional payments on the account as the case continues. Other cases, such as personal injury cases or traffic accidents, where you are expected to get a settlement, the Attorney Mason OH will sometimes charge you nothing up front, but agree on a percentage of the settlement for his payment, once the case is settled. Make sure you understand the payment arrangements fully before you sign anything.

If you choose to hire an attorney Mason OH for your legal concern, make certain that you understand your responsibilities to the attorney and his responsibilities to you. That way there are no surprises or misunderstandings during the case or when the case is settled.  Law office of Rose & Dobyns Co., L.P.A.will offer quality legal representation for any dispute you may have in Mason, OH.

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