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Have Healthier Pets by Checking Food Labels: Shopping at the Pet store in Folsom, California

Not just any Pet store in Folsom CA, offers everything small animals need to thrive. Discounted brands of food are made to meet only minimum health standards, mostly based on caloric needs. Unfortunately, many types of cat and dog food contain high levels of chemical preservatives and flavorings as well as fillers to keep the manufacturing costs low. These fillers are not harmless, and often contain fats, by-products and grains that can cause allergic reactions, bladder and kidney stones, and problems with dry skin.

Small animal care is a serious responsibility requiring a commitment to supplying each animal with everything needed to thrive. One of the most important steps any pet owner takes is making certain the food they provide is capable of meeting all of the nutritional needs of their pets. With a little extra attention to ingredient labels, it is possible to find food that will nourish them better and could potentially help them live longer.

Cost is often the reason pet owners choose cheaper brands of food but, over the life of the pet, purchasing a better quality food could actually save money. Pet food brands that have genuine meat, fish and vegetables as their main ingredients and avoid the use of grains and artificial flavorings may help to lower the need for veterinary care.

It is not just food allergies and the possibility of kidney stones that are a problem. Pets fed with grain-filled cheap foods are more likely to suffer from obesity and diabetes. The main cause is the lack of protein the cheap foods provide. Higher quality food brands place an emphasis on protein and fiber content. This helps pets to look better, feel better, and be equally satisfied even with smaller servings of food.

What pet store in Folsom CA, pet owners shop at matters & because they must carry the best quality pet food. These brands are the ones that take nutrition seriously. Buying the most expensive on the shelf is not necessary. Many mid-range priced pet foods are as conscientiously made as the top names. By checking the labels, any pet owner can easily provide their cat or dog with the best possible diet.

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